By morphing industrial skills that are being eroded by time with exquisite glass art, Elena has produced a collection that allows for the contemplation of the devastation of the coral reefs by bringing awareness of what we are losing with what is needed to restore and preserve these delicate eco systems.
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With this collection Elena wanted to draw parallels between the coral reef devastation and the slowly eroding skills of flameworking. Her aim is to highlight attention to these issues and the collection uses Rock and Marble as a base in which borosilicate glass is mounted.
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This is a body of work that represents the different natural elements. These are wall hanging pieces with a 3 dimensional component. The elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ice and Space. Each piece uses colour to immerse the viewer in an intensity of clusters. The components are selected and arranged with intent to maximise visual impact.
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The inspiration behind the Corallinus Collection was the contrast between the fluidity of movement of coral and the stability of its base. These are blown pieces that have been cold finished and sandblasted. The effect of these techniques produces juxtaposition between the frosted tactile base and a fluid movement representation of water.
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Based around a vivid dream the artist had this collection was produced to investigate the contradiction of the fixity and fluidity of coral. The base is made from Oak wood and painted black to represent the permanence. The corals in contrast are highly coloured and bold in execution. They intertwine with each other to create a frenzy of motion.
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These blown glass sculptures explore the experience of looking through an aperture alluding to caves and geodes. Glass’s ability to record each force and impact has enabled Elena to capture the fluidity of form observed from these natural sources. The impact of light also brings a new dimension to the pieces; changing shadows reveal and hide elements of these inner spaces, creating an atmosphere and mood within the work.
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