This collection investigating the juxtaposition of weight & durability of rock with the fragility of glass inspired by my experiences training to become a PADI diver. I have recently travelled to Mexico where I spent considerable time exploring natural underwater worlds and with the ever-increasing scarcity of coral in the oceans this collection celebrates the delicate and intricate beauty of these natural forms.

Form is an integral part of this collection because I find the exquisite shapes within the coral almost otherworldly and there is a myriad of possibilities to expand my technical ability and artistic vision to future collections. With the traditional skills of flame working in danger of becoming obsolete & no longer passed down through active practice the endangered plight of the coral reefs draw a unique parallel with this situation.

The choice of colour also reflects an optimistic vision of the future in that the translucent nature of this particular glass offers a critique on a hopeful regeneration into full bloom.

I am hopeful that this collection can contribute through education and awareness to a re-emergence of the dying art of flame work and the coral reefs themselves may still be saved for future generations to enjoy & appreciate.

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